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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Summer collection

The American brand "Weestep" presents everything to newcomers of our site, as well as regular customers who follow our new products, the new summer collection of the American brand "Weestep".

Among the proposed new collection, you can find summer sandals, sandals and flip-flops. Sandals from the brand "Weestep" are in great demand not only in Europe, where customers have appreciated the American quality produced in Chinese factories.weestep

The outer material of these sandals consists of genuine leather, suede, textiles, nubuck, or eco-leather.

The latest eco-leather became the main symbol of the American weestep sandals, which managed to win the audience for their quality, originality and style, which at an affordable price and soft wearing has no analogues in footwear products.

The main office of the company "Weestep" in Warsaw, selected only proven models of summer shoes in this collection, in order to please the buyer. Eco-friendly leather, soft, durable, comfortable, well-worn and enjoys great interest from the buyer.

Often eco-leather is combined with natural leather and carries original summer sandals, such models are used for the output.

Among children's sandals on the way out, it is worth noting suede and nubuck sandals, which will always look great on the child's leg, although they need to be worn in dry and Sunny weather.


Weestep sandals with orthopedic soles and arch support on the insole are of great interest to children who start their first steps.

Orthopedic doctors recommend that all young moms and dads buy exclusively orthopedic American shoes from the brand "Weestep", which will correctly form your child's foot, and you will be satisfied with your child's health and softness in wearing such sandals.

These sandals come with a closed toe, so that the leg does not hurt an inexperienced Walker, as well as the heel of the heel with the rise, which clearly fixes and directs inexperienced steps in the right direction.

For kids, a new summer collection of sandals "Weestep", and took care of Velcro, which children can independently close, without the help of parents and nannies in the garden. The smallest sizes of Weestep sandals start with the twentieth size.

Available sizes when purchasing wholesale have up to five or six pairs of shoes.


The largest size of sandals reaches forty-one centimeters. Often the sock consists of genuine leather and the heel, too, is the Central part of their eco-leather. Nubuck is combined with genuine leather, but suede with eco-friendly leather. Such combinations are typical for the brand. Adult children can use their own sandals at school.

weestepAt Weestep, we have many different colors of sandals from this season's summer collection. Parents, as well as young buyers will be able to appreciate the collection of summer shoes, where there are straziki on sandals, drawings, jewelry in the form of beads. For boys, we offer open-type sandals that can be put on the river or lake. The foot in such shoes does not slip and does not sweat. The more you wear the trademark "Weestep", the more you want to order shoes from us.

We have retail and wholesale purchase. The American brand "Weestep", which conquered the borders of Europe, has moved its products to our country.

The inner material of all sandals, sandals and flip-flops consists of genuine leather, which gives extra strength and is not so easy to wear. Visit our website, view your favorite shoes and place an order, which we will be happy to send to your address. We work with all transport companies, so we will send you the most suitable one.

We wish you a pleasant selection of children's sandals, sandals or flip-flops from the new summer collection of the American brand "Weestep".weestep